What is the Role of the Global Citizenship School Teacher Fellow?

The Global Citizenship Schools Teacher Fellows are critical for the smooth coordination, communication, and implementation of the Global Citizenship Course. The Global Citizenship Teacher Fellows play a definitive role in implementing the Global Citizenship Course in the participating schools.

Duration of Critical Engagement

The Global Citizenship Teacher Fellows are mandated to engage in the initiative throughout the engagement of the participating school, which is about eight weeks.


During your course with us as a Global Citizenship School Teacher Fellow, you share a commitment with us to engage in activities such as:

  • Organizing Learning
    • To share the course presentation with students.
    • Help students sign up on Framerspace and the Global Citizenship Course (GCF)
    • Resolve any challenges experienced by the Students.
  • Facilitating Learning
    • Ensure all students complete pre-assessment and post-assessment
    • Integrate the course into the timetable (Approximately 2 - 2.5 hours per week)
    • Conduct regular and weekly check-ins with learners.
  • Troubleshoot and Report
    • Maintain a list of students in the format provided by the Global Citizenship School secretariat (Project Implementation Tracker/Dashboard)
    • Please make sure to maintain student progress in the Project Implementation Tracker.
    • If a student appears to be way ahead, check with them to see if they still need to complete any course part.
    • Resolve challenges
    • Engage in classroom discussions on the course.
    • Resolve any challenges or issues faced by learners.
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