What is the Role of a Global Citizenship School Ambassador?

The  Global Citizenship Schools Ambassadors are key initiative drivers in their respective countries or regions. As a  Global Citizenship Schools Ambassador, you are encouraged to advance awareness and participation in the Global Citizenship Schools initiative across your region or country.

We are very clear in our resolve. What matters the most to us regarding this project is to drive maximum impact and reach. We believe  Global Citizenship Schools Ambassadors are best positioned to advocate for the Global Citizenship Schools initiative and are pivotal in encouraging other educational leaders and institutions to advance Global Citizenship Education. As leaders of the initiative in your school, you encourage educators to support learners in accomplishing the Global Citizenship Course. In addition to being a leader in your school, you are also the leader of the initiative in your country or region. Therefore, you play a definitive role in advancing our mandate in your country or region.

Duration of Critical Engagement

As you may already know, we concluded four cohorts of this initiative in December 2022. We will have a cohort each in May, June, July, and August of 2023. While the future of this project in 2023 depends on multiple factors, including grants. We hope that with your engagement and support, we can create the kind of impact one could imagine. While the initiative at your school is only for eight weeks, we are looking for your engagement till August 2023. That’s the start of the last cohort of 2023.


During your course with us as a Global Citizenship School Ambassador, you share a commitment with us to engage in activities such as:

  • Introducing the idea of GCED and SEL with non-participating educators in your school after orientation and onboarding by the GCF and UNESCO MGIEP team.
  • Introducing the program to other schools and school leaders in your network and your country or region.
  • Supervising and supporting the GCED Teacher Fellows in meeting the requirements of the GC Course.
  • Create awareness of the GCED Innovative Mindset, GCED School Code, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1990.
  • To host an informal get-together for educational leaders in your region and share the initiative with them if possible.
  • To be proactive in the Educational Leadership Commune.
  • And Engage with the Global Citizenship Foundation’s consultations and engagements at the Council for GCED.
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