What is the GCED Innovative Mindset?

The GCED Innovative Mindset creates an enabling environment for Educational Institutions to truly drive the changes needed to realize the transformative potential of Global Citizenship Education. The GCED Innovative Mindset should be fostered amongst all stakeholders in the school environment, including school leadership, educators, and learners. Here is what we mean when we say have a Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Innovative Mindset:

Identify the gaps

The first step to innovation is recognizing existing challenges, issues, and gaps.

Think Big. Start Small.

It is all about thinking big, keeping the goal small, the team tight, and the timeline short.

Reflective Action

Don’t overthink it, just try it. But when you try, reflect on the impact and how you could be more innovative!

Fail Forward and Excel 

Foster open-mindedness and a growth mindset. Use your setbacks to fuel future success. If you’re not prepared to fail forward, it will be hard to come up with anything original.

Celebrate Small Wins 

Celebrating small wins is essential to making big changes and a bigger impact!

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