What are the Course Pedagogies?

The Global Citizenship course curriculum is based on the Libre process and integrates five dialogical creative pedagogies that exploit the best practices of cognitive science. These include:

  • Storytelling
    • Stories are a natural and inevitable part of human evolution and part of almost every culture. They continue to be one of the most popular ways in which human communities transfer culturally relevant information across generations.
  • Inquiry
    • Inquiry-oriented learning is a pedagogical approach that encourages learners to find answers to their inquiry either through their own or through common observation, thinking, and reasoning based on their judgment and experience.
  • Reflection
    • Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on one's actions to engage in the process of continuous learning. It is a fundamental and natural process that continues even when we are not consciously thinking and is a prerogative for self-monitoring and self-regulation. Reflections provide students with useful methods for identifying and evaluating connections between classroom learning and practical experience.
  • Dialogue
    • The pedagogical process of dialogue or discussion treats all participants, whether teachers or students, as equals and seeks to adopt a collective learning approach to arrive at a new and often improved understanding of concepts and ideas, recognizing the value of different perspectives and values.
  • Games & Gamification
    • Unlike rote or didactic learning, wherein a learner is a passive consumer of knowledge, games are pedagogies that require students to be more active, engaged, and interactive. They allow learners to construct knowledge, skills, and attitudes as they consciously think about an experience. Games can be designed to provide content in an interactive environment that enables players to learn through their experiences as they navigate through them.
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