About the Global Citizenship Course for Learners

The Global Citizenship course is designed by the team at the UNESCO MGIEP. The course is a carefully curated experience offered as a self-paced, learner-driven, individualized, and reflective journey with inbuilt assessments to provide learners with an impactful learning experience. The course aims to take Global Citizenship Education to learners from around the world to nurture young Global Citizens who can help shape a kinder, peaceful, and sustainable planet for all, including animals, plants, and humans. 

The course centers on contemporary global issues, with an inherent focus on developing Global Citizenship skills, values, knowledge, and competencies. It is designed to enhance the learner's SEL competencies, which are, Empathy, Mindfulness, Compassion, and Critical Inquiry (EMC2), alongside the learner’s understanding of global citizenship themes or issues.

In light of the above, the UNESCO MGIEP designed a 6 module course covering issues such as migration, governance, rights and duties, identity, and violence. These modules are designed to build the knowledge and skills required to enhance one’s cognitive, social, and emotional intelligence using MGIEP's SEL framework, built on EMC2: Empathy, Mindfulness, Compassion, and Critical Inquiry. The course focuses on the following global themes or issues:

  • Freedom 
  • Human Migration
  • Governance
  • Citizenship Rights and Duties
  • Identity and Stereotypes
  • Violence and ways to navigate it
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