Benefits of the Initiative and our 5 C Approach?

We use the 5C approach to provide maximum value and drive beneficial impact at the Global Citizenship Schools. We celebrate big and small wins by supporting the schools, the educators, and the students.

Here are our 5C's:

  • Course for Learners 
    • Learners will gain access to the six-module self-paced and online Global Citizenship course designed and hosted by UNESCO MGIEP. 
  • Capacity-building Sessions
    • Educators gain access to AMA Sessions, the Onboarding Course, and the teacher toolkit that includes the information and tools needed to successfully -- prepare, implement, monitor, and support the implementation of the Global Citizenship Course.
  • Community Engagement 
    • The principals and all the educators involved in implementing the Global Citizenship course in the respective schools will gain access to  Collaborative Platforms and the Community called the Educational Leadership Commune. The Educational Leadership Commune is an online global community for educators in which they can learn and interact with other education leaders from around the world.  (Read more on the community here)
    • The participating institutions will also gain access and be invited to exclusive Global Citizenship Foundation activities. Participating institutions will be invited to both regular and exclusive Global Citizenship Foundation events, including the Online Educational Leadership Forum, the .ed Magazine, and more.
  • Certification  
    • The initiative provides the Global Citizenship Schools Awardmark for schools, which can be used on collaterals and publications of the school. There is certification at every level. Learners get an automatic certificate for successfully finishing the course from UNESCO MGIEP, and the educators and schools get a verified certificate from the Global Citizenship Foundation. 
  • Commendation
    • The participating schools also get a Letter of Appreciation if they successfully carry out the Global Citizenship Course and meet the criteria for receiving the Letter of Appreciation from UNESCO MGIEP. 
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