What are the next steps after applying to become a Global Citizenship School?

Step 1: Apply to become a Certified Global Citizenship School.

The first step in the application process is registration of the school and nominated GCED Coordinator. Upon registration, the GCED Coordinator receives access to a form that would enable them to enroll all participating educators from the school. Upon completing this step, participating educators receive access to the self-paced onboarding course.

Step 2: Complete the Onboarding Course.

Once all educators at the school complete the onboarding course. The GCED coordinator notifies the Global Citizenship Schools team of completing the onboarding requirements.

Step 3: Receive Induction and Platform Access.

Upon meeting the criteria of selection and completing the core requirements enlisted in steps 1 and 2, educators are onboarded on our core platforms and are provided dedicated access to attend AMA sessions, toolkit, and critical support required for successful implementation of the initiative.

Step 4: Implement the Global Citizenship Course.

The course can be implemented over 14 - 16 hours over a period of six weeks.

Step 5: Submit the Final Report

Using the toolkit provided by the Global Citizenship Foundation in partnership with the UNESCO MGIEP, submit the final report to receive the recognition benefits.

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