Steps to Gain School Certification

The Global Citizenship Schools initiative is a carefully designed initiative implemented in partnership with the UNESCO MGIEP. We provide all the support, tools, frameworks, process, know-how, and inspiration you need to provide a transformative experience to the learners at your school through the Global Citizenship Schools initiative. Here are four steps to gaining the Certified Global Citizenship School awardmark:

1. Choose the Cohort

The initiative has four intake options for participating schools. The priority deadline is June 30, 2022, and the Final Deadline to Apply is July 10, 2022, 23:59 hrs UTC.

Participating schools can choose the following Cohort options:

  • Cohort 1: July 15, 2022
  • Cohort 2: August 15, 2022
  • Cohort 3: September 15, 2022
  • Cohort 4: October 14, 2022

2. Gather the team

Effective implementation of a transformative initiative is a collective team effort. Gather a team of educators and nominate the Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Coordinator for your school. It would be ideal to assign one to two educators per participating classroom. Every educator on the team will receive a two-hour self-paced capacity-building course and a toolkit to support learners in the classroom.

3. Decide the course engagement strategy

It is ideal that learners are engaged in the school to take up the Global Citizenship Course for collective success. Schools have the flexibility to either host the learners during school hours or after school. To ensure we address the digital divide in accessing and optimally experiencing the course, we encourage participating schools to engage learners in computer halls/labs/rooms.

4. Apply to become a Global Citizenship School

Each country is allocated a specific quota of participation slots. We recommend that you apply at the earliest. To increase your chances of receiving admission to participate in the initiative you are encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of June 30, 2022. Applications are accepted until July 10, 2022.

5. Implement the Global Citizenship Course

Participate in the Educator Orientation and Implement the Global Citizenship Course and share the final report with the Global Citizenship Schools team.

6. Engage with the Global Citizenship Schools Secretariat

Engage with the secretariat and the community to build on the gains the school and your team has made, to amplify the efforts and engagement of your school.

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