How to Submit the Final Report on Implementation of Global Citizenship Schools Initiative at our School?

As a final report for the Global Citizenship Schools initiative, you will need to submit:

1 Learner Certificates*
  • Submission of certificates organized in Google Drive folders (Class-Wise)
2 Project Implementation Tracker*
  • Updated version of the tracker with updated across all the Tabs (Along with updated Individual Teacher + Learner statuses)
3 Learners' Video Feedback*
  • Submission of video feedback from select learners (Minimum 5% Participants)
4 Teachers' Video Feedback*
  • Submission of video feedback from select educators (Minimum 3 educators)
  • Share Insight into the impact of the initiative on learners and their understanding of global citizenship.
  • Discussion of any milestones achieved
5 GCED Coordinator's Report*

  • Outline of steps taken to complete the initiative
  • Overall report on the achievements of the initiative at the school
  • Outline of challenges faced in implementing the initiative and possible solutions to the same.
  • Recommendations for future projects or initiatives related to global citizenship education.
6 Head of School Feature Video (Optional)
  • Video from the Head of the School sharing their thoughts on the program.
7 Consent*
  • Consent form of individuals featured on the videos to be used by UNESCO MGIEP and the Global Citizenship Foundation on media assets and avenues.
  • Disclaimer on participant consent form should include:
By submitting a written contribution, picture, or videos, the user authorizes its release (with the user’s name and country of residence) on the website of the Global Citizenship Foundation, UNESCO MGIEP, and those of its partners, as well as social networks (including Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter), on digital communication or media (newspapers, postcards, catalogs, books, posters, exhibitions, videos or other), without any form of compensation. Any other use of the text and picture will be reported to the author, who is free to give or refuse consent for their use. The text and picture will not be used for commercial purposes (sales to third parties) by the organizer unless authorized by the author. 
The user agrees to indemnify the Global Citizenship Foundation and holds it harmless against any third-party claims for loss, injury, damage (including any legal costs and/or other expenses properly incurred), prejudice, liability or expense suffered as a result of or in any manner in connection with the entry, any other of the acts or omissions or any information provided, including, but not limited to, claims for violation of copyright.

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