How to Enroll Educators to Join the Orientation Course?

1. Use the Course Registration Link and Fill in the Registration details

This link can be used by the GCED School Leader, Coordinator and the Educators from the participating school.

2. In case of Coordinator or School Leader, please choose the N/A option.

3. Confirm the Details Before You Click on Enroll

Make sure that you have checked all responses to avoid an invalid entry.

4. You'd see this screen

Now go to your email inbox to confirm your email.

You'd see this screen

5. Visit Your Email Inbox to Receive an Email to Confirm Your Course Enrollment.

Click on the "Yes, I'd like to Enroll" Button to confirm

6. Upon clicking the "Yes, I'd Like to Enroll" Button you receive an email giving you access to the course.

Click on the Course Access Button to access the Orientation Course.
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